Timepoint proudly welcomes everyone to our second season. We are thrilled to be presenting this opening night concert with Mount Royal Conservatory in the TransAlta Pavilion. This should be an exciting evening of music from Terry Riley's iconic minimalist master work In C, to the dramatic Lexicon by Bethany Younge. Explore the idea of side scrolling video games and nightmares in Marcus Fjellstrom's Oddboy and Erordog. Then there is Ted Hearne's 23, Ted Hearne has been praised by the New York Times for his "tough edge and wildness of spirit,” and “topical, politically sharp-edged works.” The Los Angeles Times said, “No single artist embodies the post-genre Brooklyn scene, but Hearne may be its most zealous auteur.” So please join us as we kick off our season with a bang.

Performance details: 
Venue: Transalta Pavilion at Mount Royal Conservatory
Date and time: Saturday September 24th. The show begins at 8 PM.


Oddboy and Erordog episode 1 (2008) - Marcus Fjellstrom
23 (2005) - Ted Hearne
Lexicon (2013) - Bethany Younge

In C (1964) - Terry Riley