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Patreon works on a simple system. You choose your small donation amount, each month you are billed for that amount, you get exclusive content, promo codes, access to Timepoint Members, early podcast access, a Patreon only podcast, and much more. 

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At this level you get early access to our podcasts, a shoutout on our "wall of fame" on our website, various digital content, Vlog, and our undying love.

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At this level you get the same as $1.00 a month, plus access to behind the scenes videos, extended interviews and a special patreon promo code for discounted tickets to our shows!*

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At this level you get all the lower donation benefits, plus access to all our behind the scenes content which includes extended interviews,  extended rehearsal footage, sponsor only photos, and participation in a monthly google hangout.

At this level you get all the lower donation benefits, plus, and get ready for this, special access to concert recordings. This is perfect if you want to relive the moments or if you live too far away to make it out.


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Everything above, and we will refer to you as one of the greatest fans of all time. A member of Timepoint will also compose and record you your own special ringtone! If you are in town or we are stopping by your hood you can even drop in a rehearsal.

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