Through responsible and energetic outreach we can help grow Calgary and area's musical community. A big part of that it is through education and community engagement. 

New music exists in a unique situation in today's society, seen at times as a "fringe" genre, and "inaccessible".  Students face unique challenges in regards to gaining meaningful exposure to New music. Timepoint's dedication to developing a meaningful understanding of New Music is achieved through our education program. We proudly offer Four totally free school concerts a year, as well as making available a unique experience for schools beyond those four concerts. If you are an educator please use the form below to be entered into our "lottery" when we draw the schools chosen for this program in the early fall, and winter.

In addition to our free education shows we have dedicated ourselves to performing at least one free concert annually.

If you would like to help us support this program please consider donating to our education fund.

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