<3 Dear <3 Diary <3

Exciting times call for exciting measures, and exciting measures call for creative executions...but those have been out of fashion since 1799....

Aaanyway what I am getting at is that I am quite excited about what we (and the rest of the arts scene in Calgary) has in store this season. There is a ton going on and Timepoint is going to be responsible for a rather large portion of it. There is a huge variety of shows and videos that we are putting out for you starting with our concert at MRU in September. This show is going to be cool for me because in conjunction with it we are putting on a workshop for some of the music students at MRU. It feels like it has been a long time since I attended the Academy program at MRC (as it was called then) and I think it'll be interesting to go back and be on the other side of things.

Also quite exciting is our funding drive for September. We are doing two extra podcasts this month AND also are intermittently streaming a variety of other things; So if you sign up for Patreon or make a one time donation you will end up with some swag and Matt and I will do some outlandish things when our stretch goals are hit. To see that list of stretch goals check out https://youtu.be/wFfgsJ0zSF0

See you at our first show in Sept!!