My First Journal Entry!

Hello …. whoever reads this!

When Mat talked about this journal thing being a thing, I was on board right away and thought “Oh I know, I’ll write about going back to school and doing a doctoral degree and all that stuff!” And then I went to school and things got busy and now it’s week 7 or something and I haven’t written a single journal entry!

So here I am, fixing that.

You probably already know that I’m Holly, and I play the saxophones, but maybe you don’t know that I decided to ditch my career, my quirky house, my husband, and my friends for a dorm room underneath Edo Japanese Cuisine at the University of Alberta, 3 hours up the road in Edmonton. Ok, so I haven’t exactly ditched. I come home practically every weekend to play with Timepoint and with my quartet, I still have my house, and my husband and (most of) my friends! But now, I’m just super duper busy. All the freaking time.

This journal may have a tiny bit of complaining in it, but mostly it’s going to be about cool experiences, classes I’m excited about, concerts I hear in Edmonton, and all sorts of other exciting things that this doctoral adventure will provide me with. I have to get back to completing my online ethics course, but I’ll leave you with a super cool quote from my Contemporary Music class book, Audio Culture:

“Noise may have lost its power to offend. Silence hasn’t.”
                                    - Dan Warburton