Doherty Hall

Located in the heart of the Calgary Stampede Youth Campus, Doherty Hall's newly renovated historic recreation offers an exceptional modern Western atmosphere, perfect for live entertainment, recitals, art showings and small corporate events.


+ Phones on and silent allowed.

Here is another place we are different from the norm. We know phones are a big part of our daily life, and that people love to share experiences they are having with others. So take a selfie, check in, etc. What we don't like is when phones are going off all the time. So throw it into silent mode, and just try to be considerate to those around you. That is it.

+ Say hello at the info table.

We have a little table setup where you can find people from the Timepoint community who are there to talk to you about the show, the composers, the group, what you just heard, etc.

Often performers from that concert, and even at times composers can be found at that table.

Can't make it to the table? At the end of the show feel free to walk right up to a member of the group and ask away.

+ Drinks during the show.

You can take your drink to your seat, you can even get up and go grab another one during the concert if you feel. Just be courteous to those around you.

+ Clap when you like.

Like the phones, we are a bit different here than other concerts. If you hear something that moves you to clap or shout, do it. We love hearing people respond to what we do. Don't feel like you need to follow the typical concert applause structure of only applauding after pieces. Also, if a piece leaves you wanting to sit in absolute silence, do that.