First journal entry. New things, exciting things

Hello internet!

So this is my first journal entry I wanted to go over super quick some things that are going on on this website. First off, the website this last year was an interesting thing, it was never setup to be a dedicated marketing tool and as the year went on we cobbled elements of our "community" onto it. As we added projects like podcasts, and new digital content like meet the ensemble, and a few other exciting things in the works it made sense to start to set something up that could be a landing page for community, and us to interact. Enter the community page, and ensemble journals.

Now, running a blog, digital content, website, ensemble, etc... is madness far to much formality and curation. Then, at the end of the day you don't get to know us, and we never get a chance to know y'all. So these journals are wonderful uncurated mini-blogs. I am sure some of us will use them more, and some less. We will start rolling them out in batches as we get the back end of things up and running. I love squarespace.. but this is a pain in the you know what to implement.. so, patience.

So of our digital content you will see about 60% of it here, for free... but a big 40% of it is going to be reserved for our Patreon members, so if you aren't part of that yet... catch the wave. I will make it easy... just click on that link. 

Talk soon, much work to be doing to get this project up and running!