Patreon changes

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick journal post about some upcoming changes to Patreon. These are changes that are going to make it even better for everyone. So rapid fire:

  1. EVERY tier will get access to livestreamed podcasts and other appropriate shows. (Ask us anything, some rehearsals, etc.) This is going to be contingent on a stable internet connection.
  2. The $50 and $25 tier are no more. They are now $15 and $25.
  3. The $10 Tier is getting access to concert footage (formerly at the $25 level)... so time to upgrade that $5.
  4. $15 and $20 are getting VIP tickets to shows (1 show for $15, and 2 shows for $20). Details to that include but are not limited to things like reserved seating (on request), green room access, bring a friend free, a swag bag (signed poster, and other stuff).

There are more details on the Patreon page, but what for this to roll out this weekend, and a video talking a bit more about it soon. 

Don't forget to get your tickets for the September show. BUY TICKETS!

September funding drive, what, why, and how.

Hello internet!

So this September we are running a little funding drive, the point behind it is what it says, raise some money to allow us to do some pretty cool stuff this year. So what is coming from this drive? Well we are going to start working our already overworked editor to edit more podcasts, videos etc. So what do you get if you donate? Well we are running this through our Patreon page, so first you get access to all the rewards there. In addition, this month we are giving away some swag as follows.

  • $5 dollars monthly or one time donations = Stickers (check out our twitter header, that is one of them)

  • $10 dollars monthly or one time donations = Stickers, and pins. 

  • $25 dollars monthly or one time donations = Stickers, pins, and a T-shirt

As well, we have some goals for one time donations (cumulative for the month) for example if we hit a measly $25 in monthly donations we will write and record a ringtone for the whole world. At $75 we will compose, accompany, and produce a poetry battle video.

There are lots of other things coming this next month so make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube and watch our Twitter account.

Also if you are a current Patreon donor, we are going to hook you up with all the above stuff (if you donate at that level, PLUS we will send all our current Patreon donors something super secret since we super love you all)

Head here and follow your path to donate