Episode no.11 - Instrument Sexy Times

Join Mathew James, Cole Morrison. Liz Morrison and Nia Devetzis as they talk about film, the progression of art, and the benefits of having too many degrees.

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Link dump:

Classical Revolution

Press, Pause, Play

20th Century Music - Salzman


Master of Library and Information Science degree (MLIS)

H-kote mouthpiece plating

Brass composition

Calgary Philhamonic

Chicago Symphony

Sponsor Cast

The Seventh Seal

Joseph Campbell's The heroes journey

Tickets for October 22nd

Mathais Spahlinger

Raphael Cendo

Accords Perdus (performed by Mathew James and Max Pankau)

Vinko Globokar - Corperal

Boom Whackers

Foothills Brass

Mnozil Brass