What's Happening: Episode no.5 - The art of podcasting, featuring Sean Perrin from Clarineat.com

This week we sat down with Sean Perrin from Clarineat.com and talked about podcasting, and how we and other artists interact with it. Cast: Mathew James, Andrew Morrow, special guest Sean Perrin, and introducing Liz Morrison our bassoonist as this is her first podcast appearance.  

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Theme song: Composed and performed by: Eric Heidbreder

Link Dump (links will open in a new window)

TImepoint uses the Scarlett 18i20 interface
Clarineat uses the Scralett 18i8 interface

Timepoint uses AT202 XLR microphones
Clarineat uses the ART M-3 microphone

Ableton Live 9
Adobe Suite Creative Cloud Suite
Adobe Audition
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

Microphone Stands:
Swing Arm 
Desk Stand
Pop Filter
Shock Mount

Balanced vs Unbalanced signals
Pokemon GO
Blackberry Passport
Dynamic vs Condenser Microphones
Microphone Patterns
Red vs Blue

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