Episode no.9 - These doughnuts are worth dying for

Timepoint sits down and talks about our upcoming show, ASMR, genres, and reactions. Oh! and doughnuts. Join Mathew, Cole, Liz, and special guest Julie!

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Theme song: Composed and performed by: Eric Heidbreder

Link Dump:


Baba the cosmic barber

Noise in and as music.

Noise music

George Lewis

Blink: The power of thinking without thinking

Donut Mill

Gaudate Brass

Donut Planet

Doughnut Vault

Glazed and Infused

Try explaining that to a caveman

Nothing but Thieves

Slaughter House 5

Amanda Palmer - Space Oddities


Dr.Dre 2001

Dancing in the Streets - Music removed

The Prestige

The Labyrinth

Heroes and Halfwits