Episode no.10 - I sucking love foonerisms

Join Mathew James, Holly De Caigny, Cole Morrison and Andrew Morrow as they talk about clarinets, articulation keys, Holly and Andrew square off over the supremacy of Saxophone and Clarinet. 

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Theme song: Composed and performed by: Eric Heidbreder

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Sound of Silence October 22nd

Review from Bridging Divides

Greenline Clarinets

Leger Reeds / Leger Reeds (main site)

Triple horns (patterson horns custom build) - Mat plays a Paxman 80M compensating triple horn built by Merwether (original creator of the triple horn, built in 1979)

Harmonic Series - aka the cool physics part of brass playing, and sound.

Solecism - Live performance from 2016 NYCEMF

Classical Revolution - November 7th

Article shared by Laura Reid 

Interview with Composer Owen Davis

"we done" sign in Edmonton

Learning Circle