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Episode no.17 - Andrew and the giant bear costume

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Join Mathew, Andrew, Cole and special guest Tyler. Timepoint talk about the upcoming show, A&W, a giant bear costume, and more.

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Theme song composed and performed by: Eric Heidbreder

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Link Dump and episode contents:

  1. Beer, bottling and capping
  2. Angry guitarist  
  3. Vinko Globokar  
    1. Sound interpretations
    2. Clarient
    3. Found sound 
  4. Flute Quiz 
  5. Sinfionia da caccia
  6. Blue scale 
  7. YouTube A&W theme with the picture 
  8. Andrew and the A&W mascot costume
  9. Youtube takedowns
  10. CBC Terry O'Riley Age of Persuation  
  11. USA Court case regarding digital copywright
  12. Long and McQuade  
  13. Swedish death metal
    1. Ned Flanders band  
    2. Betallica 
    3. Rock a bye baby cover band 
  14. Conversations with my dad - Andrew
  15. Peter mansbridge is retiring 
  16. Rocky Balboa jerseys ECHL
  17. WW2
  18. Reporting and news sources 
  19. Conspiracies and eye glasses