Timepoint Interview no.3 - Seth Hanes

Seth Hanes is a horn player, digital marketing consultant, and the author of the new book, Break into the Scene:  A Musician's Guide to Making Connections, Creating Opportunities, and Launching a Career, which is available now on Amazon.  If you want to check out some free email templates that will help you pick up gigs and some other bonuses, visit

Timepoint Interviews episode.2 - Composer, performer. noise maker, and all around exceptional artist Owen Davis

If you have been following Timepoint the name "Owen Davis" should ring a bell. In fact he is the composer of the work N6 which was commissioned and premiered by Timepoint last season.Mat and Owen sit down to talk about music, noise, Mocrep, and Owen's time at Darmstadt this past summer. 

Owen's website

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Timepoint Interviews - Jordan Kusel - Composer

The inaugural interview for Timepoint Interviews. 

Composer Jordan Kusel Skypes in to talk about his music, his process, and a bunch of other interesting stuff.

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Notes and links from the episode:

Example of notation from the work "a cold surrogate, a penance play"

Example of notation from the work "a cold surrogate, a penance play"