Timepoint is a new music ensemble in Calgary, dedicated to performing works by living composers



Meet the Core Artists:

Holly DeCaigny - Saxophones
Nia Devetzis - Percussion
Mathew James - Horn/Electronics
Kelsey Nobel - Flutes
Andrew Morrow - Clarinets
Darren Young - Guitar

Timepoint regularly uses the following musicians

Andrea Poon - Viola
Jeff Faragher - Cello
Laryssa Warne - Violin
Mark Michalak - Saxophones
Cole Morrison - Double Bass
Ross Allan Lemon - Double Bass
Jonathan Gresl - Bassoon
Aura Pon - Oboe/English horn
Johnny Summers - Trumpets
Mark Harding - Trombone
Greg Robertson - Bass Trombone

About us

Timepoint Ensemble, founded in 2015 by Mathew James, Jean-Louise Bleau, and Lesley Hinger. Timepoint Ensemble is a new music ensemble in Calgary whose focus is on music that engages with contemporary culture in various and often radical ways. By performing works of living composers and actively commissioning new works from composers around the globe.

Timepoint strives to challenge the conventional practices of music making. Under the artistic direction of Mathew James and with six core members and regular guest artists, Timepoint’s programming is versatile in regards to instrumentation and repertoire. This versatility presents the opportunity to tailor performances to a schedule of ever-changing venues and audiences.